You Don’t Have To Know How To Use Twitter To Be A Social Media Guru

Why are people whose Twitter bios claim to be “social media gurus” always the worst at actually using it? A lot of these so-called experts keep making a rookie mistake: beginning a tweet with a username, not realizing that means only mutual followers can see the tweet.

While I’m very sympathetic to accidental typos, this is more of a fundamental misunderstanding of how Twitter works. For those cases where you need to begin a sentence with a username, the typical trick is to toss in a period first, i.e. “.@BuzzFeed is my favorite site.”

Tweets with this misunderstanding are sent all the time, but I just couldn’t escape them today as I was browsing through responses to this morning’s scandal with the official @sweden twitter feed. Sheesh!

Here are tweets made by people whose bios claim to have some fluency or skill in social media, that will only ever been seen by the few (if any) of their mutual followers with @sweden:

Bio: Social Networking Guru, Discussing Social Media & Marketing Strategies. Successful Online Marketer since 1994 willing to teach you his methods

Bio: To Share Online Biz Opportunities. Interests – affiliate marketing, SEO, online marketing methods with little investment and effort

Bio: Community Editor of The Wall Street Journal and Juggle on Sunday columnist.

Bio: Hi guys, I love to help other people find the best online business opportunities to help them quit there day job!!!

Bio: Ladies and gentlemen, I love to help other people make the best use of TWITTER,looking forward to seeing your tweets

Bio: Bringing together news, events, and blog posts on place branding and public diplomacy in several languages.

Bio: Social marketing @possible, Designer, Photographer, Returned @peacecorps Volunteer + Constant Digital Disciple. Opinions are my own.

Bio: Digital Development Manager for Publishing Company, sharing web, mobile, video, social media, augmented reality and search news, plus insight and predictions

Bio: Online Reputation & Social Media at @AboutYou_TSW by #TSW

Bio: I’m indifferent to most items on the planet. Some people call me a Social Media Guru. I don’t correct them. #TeamFollowBack

Bio: technology & lifestyle blogger. I like beautiful things, quick wit, technology, and video games. Opinions are my own.

Bio: Follow Tech Talk for all the latest technology news.

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